Rates:  It can be confusing to determine exactly how much it will cost to achieve your legal goals.  This is because how much time and effort is required is based on a number of things that may not be easy to predict,  such as the conduct of the other party or the level of difficulty in dividing assets.  Lincoln Family Law wants you to be as aware as possible so that there are no financial surprises.

Flat Rates: We prefer to offer flat rates, which means that we discuss your case with you and  give you an up-front total cost for services. Below are some typical services and typical costs for those services.

  • Divorce (agreement on all issues, limited assets, no children):  $1,500
  • Divorce (agreement on all issues, limited assets, with children):  $1,500-$2,200
  • Restraining Order (through final hearing):  $500-$1,000
  • Guardianship of the Person (uncontested, location of all relatives known): $1,500
  • Family Law Motion (with court appearance):  $500-700

Hourly Rates:  For services that do not neatly fall into a flat rate billing, such as document review,  we charge $150 per hour. This is substantially less than what most attorneys charge (usually $250-400).  We make efficient use of our time in order to keep your rates down.

Fees and Costs:  These rates do not reflect fees and costs that are assessed by the court or other agencies, which vary widely.  For example, the cost to file a divorce with the court is $435.  It costs $60-85 dollars to file a motion. There is no cost to file a domestic violence restraining order.  You will be responsible for any and all of these costs.

You may be able to file for a fee waiver if you cannot afford these costs. That is something that we can help you address.

Additional Expenses:  You may incur additional expenses if other services not provided by this office are required.  For example, documents may have to be notarized (approximately $15 per signature) or a professional process server may have to be used ($50-150).